running time: 85 MIN.
language: English
countries of production: Czech Republic
year of release: 2020


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Eastern Nigeria Film Festival  (7.11.2020)
Best Director - WINNER
Best Film - Nominee
Best Feature Film - Nominee

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Inspired by Kobo Abe's novel The Box Man, Confessions of a Box Man tells the story of Thomas Zielinski: a journalist researching a group of men who leave society behind for life inside a cardboard box. Mistaken for common street trash, the Box Men move about almost invisibly, wearing only boxes and rubber boots and observing the world through small, mail slot-like openings on their cardboard homes. After landing an interview with a former Box Man, Thomas learns about their obsessions with womens’ legs, which Box Men see as objects of erotic and spiritual worship. Seduced by the man’s strange tales, Thomas soon finds himself possessed by urges he can no longer repress - all mirrored in the film by micro-documentaries that interrupt and comment on the Box Men. Subjects include the invention of cardboard, the erotic nature of legs, boxes and Box Men in history. By mixing fiction and reality, Confessions of a Box Man presents an imaginative world where perverse forms of male desire can only lead to tragedy or transformation.