Mika Johnson is a multimedia artist interested in dream-like narratives, mythos, ritual, and biodiversity. While his concentration is designing VR installations, Johnson also works in many mediums, including as a director for fiction and documentary projects. His first XR project, VRwandlung, is a virtual reality adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, which was featured in Stern Magazine and The Economist. The project traveled to over 50 cities, worldwide. Johnson’s present projects include The Infinite Library, a traveling multimedia installation, produced by the Goethe Institut, New Delhi, which reimagines the library through VR experiences, 3D prints, a QR code game, holograms, and more; and The Republic of Dreams: a traveling multimedia installation, produced by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, which adapts the work of Bruno Schulz, using video, illustrations, and sonic experiences. Long-term projects include The Amerikans - a web series featuring 15 short documentaries - and his 2020 debut feature - Confessions of a Box Man - which is the first part in a trilogy. Projects in production include Lost Forms: a virtual experience, produced by Expanded Focus, in Leipzig, which allows users to interact with a fully scanned iceberg, off the eastern coast of Greenland, along with six other living organisms now on the Red List of threatened species.