Confessions of a Box Man

90 minutes

Inspired by a novel by Abe Kobo, "Confessions of a Box Man" tells the bizarre tale of men who leave society behind for life inside a cardboard box. Mistaken for common trash, the box men wear only rubber boots and a box and observe the world through small eye-like slits, morphing them into strange creatures. New obsessions arise as the Box Men obsess about womens' legs, which become objects of sexual and spiritual worship. Told in a series of flashbacks and interviews, “Confessions of a Box Man” presents a world where perverse desires lead to tragedy or transformation. Starring Marek Zelinka, directed by Mika Johnson, cinematography by Julian Grünthal, sound design by Eli Stine, and original score by Ryan Lester.

COMING SOON: Kafka’s Son

90 minutes

Kafka’s children walk among us. So Felix Bauer, Kafkaphile and quasi-suicidal writer, discovers after traveling to Europe to investigate a mystery: the long-debated claim that Kafka had a son. The son, it’s said, was fathered with a lover and died young. Looking for the tombstone of the rumored child, Felix scours graveyards, haunts stacks, and seeks out other Kafkaheads. Scholars, authors, cranks, and madmen, they, like him, have spent their lives in thrall of Kafka’s work. “Lonely satellites, circling Planet K,” as one describes them, these friends divulge another rumor: the boy lived. After finding confirmation, Felix heads sets out on a journey for the wilds of Slovakia, to mountain villages and the shores of pristine lakes – if bars and brothels don’t get to him first. Part literary detective story, part Eastern European sex tour, Kafka’s Son is a story about obsession, fantasy, and the seductions of art. Written by Aaron Labaree and directed by Mika Johnson.